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Monday, October 11, 2010

To think too long about doing a thing often becomes its undoing.

I planned on blogging. I planned on blogging a lot, even being a good blogger. But the thinking about it took up a lot of time and in some ways fufilled the need for it. In some ways. I am planning to keep up with this gain starting tomorrow. Even if it is a fable attempt in the begining I think it will be a good outlet and something concrete for me to look back on about my time in Russia. So until tomorrow. Sigh-iski

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ear Warmers

So exciting! I just got an ear warmer/ ear scarf (?) in the mail. It is like Christmas coming to my desk and seeing a little Anthropologie box sitting on my chair.

And here is what was inside:

I was so excited when this went on sale at Anthropologie. My store didn't carry them, but I found it online and took advantage of that March free shipping. I wish we could replace that "i" and make it free shOpping. Le Sigh. I think my ears will be warm with this, and best part, it will do a good job concealing a bad hair day but not making it worse.

Monday, March 29, 2010

What about my feet?

My shoe needs have changed a lot since Russia has become a reality. It used to be style over function. The most walking I've needed to do in anything other than a sneaker has consisted of walking from my house to my car, desk to fax machine, rinse, repeat as needed. So, 4 inch heels? Yes. That strap pinches my toe? Who cares? Well, now it seems that judging a shoe only on how fast it makes my heart race, isn't practical anymore, considering I will not have a car in Russia and will be relying on public transit and my feet. However, Moscow isn't a city where fashion can be forgone either. So I am searching for shoes that can incorporate both. I need some hot shoes with a lot of comfort (and ones that will keep me warm too).

Obviously I will be getting one pair of flat, water-proof, snow boots. I am thinking these:

I like them. They make me think I do not have to give up fashion completely to be safe (not falling all over the place) and warm (they have a layer of thinsulate!)

But a girl can not live in flat water proof boots a lone. I am also looking for shoes I can wear casually in the city and still get around in. I am taking a long look at these FRYE booties too:

I've long been a lover of all things FRYE. They are a great example of comfort and style to me. I can't speak for this particular pair since I don't own them (YET!) but the heel on these, although high-ish, doesn't look flimsy. I feel like I could walk around in these quite a bit and still be stylish and warm. No? I am thinking the tan color. I am a fan of tan shoes, since you can wear them with black or brown and not be a walking mistake.


I am a few weeks late posting this-- I have sense made a few cold-weather-friendly purchases, so I will be posting some a few in a row.

You're moving where!?

We haven't even told my dad yet. My husband and I are preparing to move to Moscow, Russia in a few months. He had a job offer there, the and we are doing this. My first thoughts weren't of leaving my family, or life long friends, or my career. No no no. My first thoughts were "OH MY GOD, I don't even own a coat". the temperature low in Moscow today is 35, where I live it'll be somewhere around 60 for the low. I have more bikinis right now than I do long sleeve shirts. Clothes in Russia are very expensive, we've been advised to buy everything we need at home, before we move. So, I have about 4 months to completely overhaul my flip flops and bikini filled closet to parkas and snow boots. No big deal, I am a great shopper under pressure. However, it is MARCH and winter clothes are GONE. So It has become a mad hunt to find sweaters and jackets. I am becoming obsessed. And let's not forget everything else associated with a move like this.

This blog is going to focus on my shopping for my new life, and everything else associated with a move of this size.

But mostly the shopping.